Dynamite Muay Thai Gym in Melbourne

Muay Thai is stated as “The Art of Eight Limbs” in Melbourne. It is martial art of Asian country, as a result of it utilities eight points of contact using punching, elbow, knee, and kicking strikes. Muay Thai’s origins are over two thousand years recent. It developed because the parcel of land fighting art of the Siamese individuals.

Fitness and Martial Arts Center in Melbourne caters for people of all expertise levels, from complete novices to champion skilled fighters, and every step on the manner you may be guided by a number of Australia’s most old and revered coaches.

Muay Thai Melbourne


Fitness and Martial Arts Center provide muay thai kickboxing and Gym Melbourne. So Muay Thai could be a combat self-defense that uses rise hanging at the side of varied clinching techniques.

The body operates jointly unit. Because of that knees associated elbows perpetually looking and testing for a gap.



What include in Muay Thai Melbourne?

Muay Thai program caters for people of all expertise levels, from complete novices to champion skilled fighters. You can currently learn Muay Thai or if you like simply perfecting your Kickboxing techniques. Our Kickboxing classes are oriented around teaching the people from very basic techniques like footwork, defence, punching and kicking so that developing their fitness.

Muay Thai, that emerged over centuries because the most dominant vogue.


Muay Thai Melbourne


Our Muay Thai categories here at Fight Club Melbourne are the most comprehensive and well taught in all of Australia. So we have a tendency to welcome people from all walks of life, providing you with a intended, safe and friendly atmosphere located in Melbourne. Because of our Muay Thai lessons utilize the art of eight limbs.

You are sure to get a full body exercise in our gym Melbourne, in addition as perfecting your technical kind leading to weight-loss, muscle toning and sensible Muay Thai talent development.


There are several reasons why people have an interest in Muay Thai.

Benefits of Muay Thai:

  • Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning.
  • Self defense skills.
  • Heavy target body learning.
  • Discipline in the least times.
  • Stress Relief.