Krav Maga Melbourne

Krav Maga Melbourne is a fighting and self-defense system developed by the Israeli army. It involves various derived techniques such as wrestling, boxing, judo, Aikido, and karate.

It is a modern, dynamic, and effective fighting system designed to be intuitive and practical for people of any age.

The techniques of this fighting system expand on an individual’s natural instincts to develop abilities and skills quickly and effectively.

At the same time, it enables a person to address different attacks under any scenario. By practicing Krav Maga, people will learn how to defend themselves and their loved ones, while significantly gaining increased awareness, alertness, responsiveness, and instinctive reflexes.

In this article, we will explain in details what Krav Maga is and why should start learning this martial art.

History and origin of Krav Maga Melbourne

While Krav Maga might seem revolutionary and groundbreaking, its incredible power has been changing lives for over a hundred years.

Since the 1930s, it has been used as a powerful and effective self-defense system. Initially, it was created by Imi Lichtenfeld to support members of the Israeli and Jewish community to protect themselves from the vicious and brutal Nazi forces.

In addition, the creator of Imi Lichtenfeld was born in Budapest in 1910 and grew up in Bratislava. He was exposed to a number of fitness and fighting techniques at a young age. His familiarity with the fitness and fighting techniques led him to develop this sophisticated self-defense program for the Israeli army.

To protect the Jewish people, Imi widely used his street fighting abilities and experience in order to form a brand new fighting system. It was not long before he realized that competitive fighting and street fighting are quite different.

Therefore, he made substantial efforts to further hone the Krav Maga into a sophisticated, classy, and intense Israeli self-defense system.

What is the martial arts philosophy of Krav Maga Melbourne?

The Krav Maga Melbourne doctrine or philosophy is what uniquely separates it from other competitive and traditional martial arts. We can summarize it as “Do whatever is required to cause as much harm and damage as possible to the attacker in order to get away safely.”

This is the simple philosophy or concept of Krav Maga fighting system. It is as ruthless and simple as it is efficient and resourceful.

Unlike the conventional method of fighting, for instance, the martial arts, Krav Maga is not about transforming you into a sacredly, religiously, or spiritually enlightened worrier. You won’t get any bonus points for being smooth or graceful in your movements.

It is because this fighting technique is uglier than you think! It is not graceful at all! Practicing Krav Maga won’t make you a gold medalist, a champion, or a winner in any sort of sanctioned event. Actually, deploying the techniques of Krav Maga in legal competitive settings will get you expelled, disqualified, and possibly arrested if you did not show proper control.

What are the main differences between Krav Maga and other Martial Arts?

Krav Maga fails to categorize itself under the martial arts because it is a definitive and systemized form of self-defense. Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between Krav Maga and other martial arts techniques.

The concept of Krav Maga is deeply rooted in close combat techniques, hands-on fighting strategies to be used in real life situations where violence is a threat.

Other martial art techniques focus on routines, compliancy drills, and disciples. Most of them are developed upon the primitive forms of self-defense and fighting. In this way, they have become method-based sports along with a collection of self-defense approaches.

In addition, Krav Maga is a highly situational fighting system. It lays emphasis on opportunities, efficiency, effectiveness, and targets, naturalization of attackers, as well as simultaneous defense and attacks with a great focus on real-life situations where an individual might be facing danger.

Krav Maga is not about invoking fear, but to prepare yourself by developing instinctive abilities and arming yourself with everything you can use to diffuse a dangerous situation or to protect yourself from attacks.

What type of training, techniques is Krav Maga about?

The main weapons of this defense system are punches and kicks. Preference is given to work in the combat at a long or medium distance (i.e. the distance of the kick or the distance of the direct strike with the fist).

The most commonly used is a closed stance: the position of the arms is approximately the same as in the box, the knee of the front leg is slightly turned inward so that the thigh can cover the groin, the head is tilted forward, the chin is down and protects the throat.

Even striking, the fighter remains as close as possible. It is worth mentioning that when people who study karate enter the Krav Maga classes, they usually play the role of live punching bags for their partners (who have approximately the same work experience) for the first few weeks, until they stop standing by the chest to the enemy and withdraw hand to hip with blows and do not adopt the method of striking adopted in Krav Maga.

Strikes are directed only at vulnerable parts of the body, the most preferred targets are the groin, throat, and eyes, then the solar plexus, chin, knees, etc. As auxiliary techniques can be used sweeps and throws, painful tricks on hands. In the melee, not only elbows and knees are used, but also headers, bites, etc.

There is a rich arsenal of liberation from seizures, mainly built on traumatic methods.

There is also a section of combat on the ground, but, unlike judo, there are practically no actual wrestling techniques. Instead of them, strikes are used (primarily in the groin), poking fingers and throats in the eyes, bites, etc. The fighter’s goal is to get rid of the enemy as soon as possible and get on his feet, as in a fight with several opponents, the struggle on the ground with one of them is equivalent to suicide. It focuses on a well-developed technique of protection against cold weapons (knife, stick, a rifle with a bayonet, etc.) and from the threat of firearms (pistol, rifle, and even a grenade with a torn-out check).

Who is Krav Maga Melbourne for?

Krav Maga Melbourne was originally developed for the Jewish community in order to protect themselves from the brutalities of Nazi forces. However, anyone can learn and practice this fighting system. So, simply, you can learn and practice it! Nothing boosts testosterone levels and confidence like knowing you are authentically and legitimately prepared for whatever scenario.

In addition, very few people formal fights or self-defense training. Consequently, in anxious situations or circumstances, where most individuals lose it, by practicing this defense system, you will keep your cool. So, if something does go down, you will be ready!

What are the main Krav Maga Organizations and Federations in the world?

The main organizations and federations of in the world are:

  • Israeli Krav Maga
  • United States Krav Maga Association
  • Krav Maga Worldwide
  • Krav America
  • Krav Maga Institute (United States HQ)
  • Krav Maga Federation
  • Krav Maga Global
  • Atlas Krav Maga
  • BUKAN School of Krav-Maga
  • Krav Maga Core International
  • International Krav Maga Federation
  • Krav Maga Street Defense in Germany
  • Tactical Defense – Krav Maga in Austria, Germany, and Italy
  • United Krav Maga Organization in Poland
  • Krav Maga Global New Zealand & Australia
  • Krav Maga Philippines

What are the Krav Maga Organizations and Federations in Australia?

There are many Krav Maga institutions, organizations, and federations in Australia. However, here, we will mention some of the most popular and leading organizations.

For instance, KMDI is the largest organization in Australia. It was founded by Ron Engelmann who is a senior instructor to battle units of the Israeli Army. Krav Maga Defense Institute offers the most advanced, high-level of training in a positive and professional environment.

This institution’s training is held in four locations: Sydney CBD, Surry Hills, Caringbah, and Bondi Junction. Moreover, Tactical KMis also one of the leading institutions in Australia that offer training for military, law enforcement, and civilians in the various domains of self-defense on marine, aviation, and public transport environments.

Are there Krav Maga competitions?

Most combat and fighting sports have various forms of tournaments or competitions to recognize the best athletes in these specific disciplines.

Though this fighting system primarily focuses on self-defense and fighting skills, it has no competitive bouts, tournaments, and competitions.

All competitions have very clear rules and regulations. However, Krav Maga is not a sport at all. The main goal of this fighting system is to train students to do whatever is needed to defend themselves.

Consequently, there are no rules, regulations, and restrictions to inhibit the capability of the practitioner to accomplish this ultimate goal. There have been various efforts made by governments, establishments, and other organizations around the world to make it a sport, but all failed because of the disagreements and disputes among them.

Where to learn Krav Maga in Melbourne?

FMC Melbourne is the leading Krav Maga training center in Melbourne, Victoria. Our trainers are certified under the 2 main Australian Organizations : KMDI and IDF.

Whether you are working or living in Melbourne’s CBD, you can enjoy 20+ classes a week of Krav Maga training, as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning.

FMC Melbourne does offer Trial Classes so you can experience different styles of Martial Arts at first hand and decide if this martial art suits your needs or not. Give it a shot!


Krav Maga is a self-defense system without the use of weapons that is officially used in the Israel Defense Forces. All Israeli soldiers are required to learn these techniques. This martial art is also used by the police and security agencies of Israel.

This is a military unarmed combat system aimed at neutralizing the enemy in the most effective and adequate way to the threat without restrictions. The absence of any rules and prohibitions is the main difference between Krav Maga and combat sports.

Training necessarily includes modeling any possible situations that may come to a fight. Constant movement, control of the surrounding space, the use of opponents as barriers and shelters – such actions allow you to withstand several sources of the threat with maximum efficiency.

In physical training, the emphasis is placed on speed, endurance, mobility, and complete control of your body during combat. The attack can be taken by surprise in any position, so you need to be ready to counterattack even from the most unfavorable and uncomfortable position.

We can say that training in the Krav Maga system is rather a full-fledged lesson and not just a workout.

Each lesson in equal proportions combines physical training, combat technique, theory, tactics and work on such moments as fear of a fight, confusion in the event of an unexpected conflict and other psychological aspects that play an important role in the ability to defend themselves and fight off the attackers.