Kick Boxing Melbourne

Kick boxing categorizes itself in a group of combat sports based on punching and kicking.

Historically, it was developed from kicking or karate mixed with boxing. In general, it is practiced for fitness, self-defense, and as a contact sport. There are many benefits of kick boxing, for instance, you can punch and kick your way to the stress-free zone within seconds of your high-energy routine. The movements in this fighting style challenge various core muscle groups as it gives you a fast and total body workout.

Kick boxing helps to boost your confidence level. It helps you release important hormones such as endorphins that will your mood a good boost and help you feel and act more confidently. This hormone will make you feel pleasant, happier, and more positive for a few hours after the workout. Kick boxing likewise improves coordination, burn calories, boosts energy, and give you a better body posture.

If you are interested in knowing about Kick boxing in detail, this article is for you! Keep reading this post to get the most out of it.

History and origin of Kick boxing Melbourne

Kick boxing Melbourne is a hybrid martial art of Japanese origin. It comprises of elements of kicking and punching. This combat sport was developed by adapting various fighting techniques from Muay Thai, western boxing, and Karate. Kick boxing originated in Japan in the 1960s and gained practitioner in North America during the next decade.

By 1974, its fame and popularity in the US were symbolized with the first ever World Championship. It was held by the Professional Karate Association. During the 1990s, the experts added more ground fighting methods adapted from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In this way, we can say that it has contributed significantly to the development of Mixed Martial Arts.

Let’s talk about its birth and evolution. This combat sport is an evolved version of Muay Tai, which is martial art from Thailand. During the 14th and 15th centuries, Thailand’s Siamese soldiers practiced a type of boxing known as the Muay Boran. In addition, the martial art system continued to grow as a substantial combat system until the nineteenth century when it was famed as a form of self-defense, recreation, and physical fitness. Similarly, it evolved into a type of sports event with the use of safety rules and accessories including gloves.

A few years later, Osamu Noguchi, who was a Japanese boxing expert came across the special art of Muay Thai. Noguchi always wanted to advance a king of combating technique or system that had the soul of Karate and allowed full striking. Moreover, he studied Muay Thai and merged it with techniques of boxing and karate, which eventually became known as Kick boxing. Some years later, the first-ever Kick boxing institution/federation, called Kick boxing Association, was established in Japan. Today, it is being practiced with many unique movements all over the world.

What is the martial arts philosophy of Kick Boxing?

Most Kick boxing styles are not associated with specified philosophy. However, it revolves around the personal growth of an individual. Personal growth is a combination of both mental and physical development. The objective is the promotion of independence through interdependence. Kick boxing follows Tetra-T development and growth process of tactics, techniques, training, and transformation. Such techniques are the moves, kick, movements, and punches etc.

Kick boxing allows people to develop, starting with their physique and natural skills then progressing through the Mind-Body Defense mechanism. It also promotes individuality! One becomes the best version of himself using this fighting style as a vehicle to determine and conquer his mental and physical boundaries.

It is seen as a great expression of chivalry, valor, and self-sacrifice. It lays emphasis on the philosophy, stressing that individuals should live in harmony and peace. Kick boxing philosophy focuses on the essence of respect for others, self-control, and optimistic perspective to strive and make every effort for the best in life.

What are the main differences between Kick Boxing and other Martial Arts?

Kick boxing is a combination of different martial art techniques. For instance, Karate and Kick boxing are different physical disciplines. Although there are some parallels and similarities between Karate and Kick boxing, there are also a significant amount of differences between them. Karate is also considered to be a martial arts technique, it is now reflected a sports event. In contrast, kick boxing is only a sports event and not some form of major martial art.

It’s important to note that Kick Boxing is not a self-defense system, such as Krav Maga.

Since it is a sports event, let’s take a look at some of the differences between MMA and kick boxing. Both are two different classes of martial arts. We all know that MMA stands for the Mixed Martial Arts that indicates a mixture of different martial art strategies. Technically, it can be understood that kick boxing is a specialized form of mixed martial arts, as, like MMA, it blends some different styles together. Nonetheless, in practicality, both have developed into distinctive styles.

What type of training, techniques is Kick Boxing about?

The main method of pre-competitive training of athletes in the 3-4 year of training is conditioned and free-to-do fighting. Although in the process of preparing for competitions, individual work with an athlete is also necessary. Most often in the process of learning kick boxing, a training plan for building lessons is used, which consists of three parts: preparatory, main and final.

In the practice of combat, which is the basis of preparation for the competition, sports, and technical skills are improved in conditions close to the competition. The main exercise of this lesson is a free fight with a partner, in which the kick boxer is given the opportunity to independently demonstrate the skills and abilities obtained in the class. In combat, the kick boxer must quickly solve the tactical tasks assigned to him. Depending on the selection of partners is used:

  • Fight with a high or low partner.
  • Fight with a lighter or heavier partner.
  • Fight against a left-handed partner.
  • Fights with partners using different types of tactics.

Each of the coaches has their own “homework” in the preparation of athletes for various competitions. The best option is to conduct training camps, which include two or three one-time training for 18-21 days before the competition. However, this is not always possible for a number of reasons: lack of funding, continuity of the educational process, etc.

Kick boxing requires excellent general physical training – strength, endurance, stretching, flexibility, reaction, balance. All these qualities develop during long persistent training. The key task in kick boxing is not to develop physical strength, but to learn the maximum strength and energy available. Training drills are practiced in full force in order to gain real combat skills.

The basis of kick boxing is defense and percussion techniques. Kick boxing grips are not applied, but there are throws (not higher than the hip) and sweeps, the purpose of which is to bring one of the opponent’s legs out of the rack, depriving him of his balance, and then striking. Sweeps above the level of the foot are prohibited. Technique kicks used in kick boxing are taken from taekwondo. The main thing when applying these blows is to straighten the knee joint of the beating leg as much as possible and not to tear off the heel of the supporting leg from the floor.

Punches resemble boxing while performing a strike, the shoulder and the fist of a free hand protect the face, the elbow of the free hand – the body. The blow is applied in a straight line after the strike immediately follows protection. Coordinated work of the whole body is very important, legs play a big role in hand strokes.

Who is Kick Boxing Melbourne for?

When it comes to this specialized martial art sports, there is not age level, children as young as six years old can start to train. We know that some people who are above seventy years of age train a few times a week. It is also true that children can learn faster than adults. They can quickly become very comfortable with the abilities, skills, and moves in Kick boxing Melbourne. For those who are looking to improve strength, coordination, and confidence, kick boxing will always keep you coming back for more. Kick boxing is an amazing way to establish self-defense skills, one-one-competitions, and martial arts abilities.

What are the main Kick boxing organizations/Federations in the world?

Some of the most popular Kick boxing organizations and federations in the world are:

  • Absolute Championship Berkut
  • Final Fight Championship
  • Bellator Kick boxing
  • Enfusion
  • Glory of Heroes
  • Glory
  • International Karate Association
  • International Kick boxing Federation
  • K-1
  • International Wushu Federation
  • King of Kings
  • King in the Ring
  • Lumpinee Stadium
  • Kunlun Fight
  • Rajadamnern Stadium
  • Prison Fight Thailand
  • World Boxing Muaythai
  • Shoot Boxing Association
  • World Kick boxing Network
  • World Kick boxing Association
  • World version W5
  • World Muaythai Council
  • Wu Lin Feng
  • World Muaythai Federation

What are the Kick Boxing organizations/Federations in Australia?

In Australia, the International Sports Karate Association and Company are one of the main institutions that regulate kick boxing and sport karate matches. The institution was established in 1985 as a major response to revenue and legal issues that sent the Karate Association in decline. Other major federations operating in Australia are the World Kick boxing Association and International Federation of Muaythai Amateur.

Are there Kick Boxing competitions?

The World Association of Kick boxing is the major governing body for arranging and organizing different types of global championships and tournaments all over the world. In addition, apart from that, all nations have their own governing bodies for the game. Major competitions and championships in kick boxing are:

  • Asian Games
  • US National Championships
  • World Class Kick boxing Championships
  • WKC Kick boxing Championships

Where to train in Melbourne City?

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Kick boxing Melbourne is a sport of Japanese origin developed throughout the West, this combat sport uses boxing techniques and kicking techniques of some martial arts such as Muay Thai or karate. The kick boxing is very familiar with the art of Muay Thai, but this does not use elbow and knee blows, because they are not allowed. This sport is not cjiusidered a martial art training, but a combat art. The practitioners of this sport are very strong rivals for anyone who is dedicated to another martial art standing fight, as these have a great resistance, strength, and endurance due to the way of practicing this sport.

To clarify a bit and differentiate it from other similar styles that seem to be the same, what differentiates Kick Boxing from other disciplines is that it is allowed to punch and kick but knees or elbows are not allowed. Nor is it allowed to grab the opponent or hit him when he is on the ground. Therefore, we can imagine that it is a style of close combat for long distances compared to others where it is allowed to grab or hit with the joints wherein short distances they have a great variety of movements. Lastly, there are many organizations and federations in the world that organize these sophisticated sports all over the world.