Gym Melbourne

Are you a Gym Lover or Fitness Enthusiast in Melbourne?

Fitness & Martial Circuit Training is Australia’s quickest growing and most advanced group coaching methodology. Because of that we designed a state-of-the-art absolutely Equipped Fitness & Martial Arts gym to accommodate any form of coaching and exercise.

We also offers Fitness & Circuit Training circuit training sessions involve a good cluster dynamic, thus you’ll not feel lost or left behind, as our sessions cater for all ages & all fitness levels. Because the distinctive hybrid approach of the facilities permit you to work expeditiously on each facet of your goals, could or not it’s Martial Arts coaching, Cardio progression or Muscle building.

Gym Melbourne

Fitness & Martial Arts gym’s are packed with top class equipment and skilled trainers to assist
you reach your goals. Because of that we provide cardio to weight training, yoga to CrossFit classes, realize your new gym.

At plus FMC gym provide you an affordable and convenient gym environment to exercise in with 24/7.

Our passion is to maintain your fitness. Because of that there’s 24/7 access to Fitness gyms worldwide. So there’s the motivation of being a part of a unprecedented movement of like-minded individuals.


By joining FMC gym you instantly have access to over one hundred eighty and Fitness gyms across Australia.

Fitness & Circuit Training Melbourne

Our Gyms in Melbourne include health and well being, muay thai, personal training, corporate team building, corporate programs, weights & cardio, brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, krav maga & self defense, weight loss, corporate programs, muay thai.

FMC gym, Melbourne provides best equipment and training assistance. So our recently refurbished gym is kitted with the most recent fitness and training equipment including all functional- based equipment, pin-loaded machines and a purpose built group fitness studio.



our service and gym facility standards high!

Benefits to join Gym in Melbourne

1. Immense Health Edges
2. Access to Instrumentation
4. Access to Information
5. Establish a Healthy Routine
6. Accrued Energy Levels
7. Be Challenged
8. Improve Focus of Mind